“Lindsey did the eyelash perm and lift treatment on my eyelashes in early October. The treatment took about 45 minutes and was pain-free, and the result was fantastic! My eyelashes looked longer, darker and were permanently curled for 8 weeks. It made my make-up routine so much easier as when I woke up it looked as if my lashes had already been done. I applied a couple of coats of mascara and was ready for the day. I will be going back to have these done before a holiday, as they would be perfect for being around the pool with no make-up or any special occasion that you have. I had tried individual eyelash extensions before but found it hard to apply make up around these and they also felt gritty when I blinked, I ended up pulling them out and my real eyelashes with them. This treatment is the perfect and more natural alternative.  Definitely worth it!”

Charlotte Penny

“Yippeeeeeee! I’ve finally got gorgeous nails and feel delighted about my hands!! For 41 years I have felt embarrassed about my hands because my nails were weak and flimsy, so they would break easily or I would bite them. I work closely with clients and my hands are often on display and I would feel ashamed and self-conscious about them. Initially Lindsey and I tried false nails which I liked, but on my hands they only seemed to last a week. Lindsey then tried shellac, which worked a bit better but didn’t last the 2 weeks every other client enjoyed. Lindsey was not happy to accept this and tried a number of approaches until she found a solution. It was WONDERFUL having Lindsey so committed to finding a solution to my nail dilemma!!

For the past 4 months I have had BEAUTIFUL nails and feel proud and delighted about my hands. The shellac, plus a magic smoothing gel that she now paints onto my nails underneath the polish, lasts well over 2 weeks. I love that the nails are my own, yet the shellac now lasts for weeks and my hands look beautiful. I put solar oil on daily which means my nails are in excellent condition when the varnish is taken off and reapplied. I never thought I’d find a solution to my nails and yet Lindsey did it! Thank you Lindsey – I love how my nails look and how confident I feel about my hands now.”

Katie Salter

“Having been bitten by a venomous spider some years ago I was left with severe liver malfunction and chronic fatigue syndrome. The fatigue left me unable to move with immense physical and mental tiredness. No medical practitioner could relieve my symptoms. Having consulted Lindsey she recommended a course of Manual Lymphatic Drainage together with supplements to improve my immune system and give me a boost. After just one session the muscle pains had subsided to such an extent I could move about without constant pain and my mental tiredness also improved significantly. Lindsey has helped to improve my lifestyle and free me from constant pain and depression.”

CB, Aldershot, Hampshire

“I’ve been coming to Lindsey for over 11 years to have my nails done. My nails look so natural, which is very important to me as I wear a uniform and am expected to have neat, natural nails. They are also fantastically hard-wearing – despite a physically demanding job. I would be very happy to recommend Lindsey to anyone who needs great natural looking nails.”

Sara Sayers