From making the most of your own nails to covering up nails you’d rather keep hidden I can help you to have hands to be proud of.

Nail extensions help to lengthen and improve the look of your nails, and are so natural you don’t even have to wear nail polish. Not only that, but you will find they won’t damage your own nails – they just grow up healthily underneath. If your nails are long but weak and prone to breaking you can add strength by having strengthening wraps.

Tips/extensions - Full Set
Tips/extension - Single tip
Nail extension maintenance
From £32.50

UV Gel Nails

Hands - full set
Toes - full set (lasts up to 6 weeks)
Soak off
£17.00 (free if having new set)

For a quick fix shape and polish or a more relaxing manicure

Shape and polish

And let’s not forget your toes!

Luxury Pedicure